4 S Model

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4 S Model of Healthcare Service Marketing

Along with the growth of the number of services being provided, the demand for marketing support in the healthcare organization is also growing. The number of hospitals with marketing department has increased by 75% in 3 years’ time, which is partly due to increased competitive pressure. With more investments in the healthcare, there is comparatively more expectation from the promoters in terms of better returns of investment and that boils down to more pressure on marketing activities of the organization. In such situation marketing associates including entry-level professionals face a daunting task to justify the growth in market share and securing higher budget for the marketing activities. To make their function more effective, ADIUVARET RESEARCH and CONSULTING has devised a 4 ‘S’ model  which captures the basic marketing information like Size, Shape, Share and Soar, which every marketer need to have before any marketing planning. Since the information needed for effective marketing plans for medical services is critical, the 4 ‘S’ model brings a template based tool to facilitate better understanding of the market and thus better strategy for the organization.

    1. The concept of 4 S model for healthcare service marketing
    2. Template for Defining Market SIZE
    3. Template for Defining Market SHAPE
    4. Template for Defining Market SHARE
    5. Template for Defining Market SOAR